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Just smile, Michaela! - The Best Referee all over the Snooker World

Michaela Tabb is snooker’s leading female referee. A former nine-ball pool player and referee, she swapped the blue baize for the green in 2001 and is now a regular on the Tour.

The mother-of-two from Dunfermline in Scotland became the first female to referee at the World Championship when she took charge of the match between Mark King and Drew Henry at the Crucible in 2003. She has also refereed at the Masters.

Date of birth: December 11, 1967
Born: Bath
Lives: Dunfermline
Highest break: 26
Qualified as Referee: Class 3 in September 2001.
First Pro match: Main Tour, it was Ken Doherty against James Wattana at 2002 Welsh Open.
Most memorable match: Got to be my first match at the Crucible – Drew Henry v Mark King in 2003 – though last season’s Grand Prix semi-final between Ronnie O’Sullivan and Paul Hunter was up there as well.
Most embarrassing moment: Cleaning the cue ball for Ken Doherty at the UK Championship in York, walking away from table and leaving ball marker on it.
If you weren’t a referee what would you do: Anything to do with sales.
Which is the toughest rule to apply: Replacing the balls correctly after a foul. I’m all for using television replays if it helps speed up the game and gives confidence to the players everything has been replaced correctly. But it must be at the referee’s discretion.
Which Rule would you scrap: Push shot.
What do you carry in your pockets: Hankie, two ball markers and a coin – the largest I have in my purse at the time!
Where do you get your gloves: Sudbury’s of Torrington – have to have them made because of my smaller fingers.
Interests: Most things to do with Pool, the family and playing poker.

Source: World Snooker

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