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Джон Хиггинс благодарит Москву за гостеприимство - HIGGINS' BIG THANK YOU TO MOSCOW

Джон Хиггинс благодарит Москву за гостеприимство

Джон Хиггинс: «Я рад своей победе, но настоящим победителем был снукер. Мы с Патриком проделали большую и тяжелую работу, после неважной посещаемости в Джерси, нам удалось привлечь тысячи болельщиков в Варшаве, Берлине и Москве. Никогда не знаешь, что может произойти, и мы не знали, как все пройдет в Москве».

«На финале присутствовало около 1000 болельщиков, это было чем-то особенным. Мне действительно понравилось, что они смогли увидеть нескольких топ-игроков в действии. Болельщики были счастливы сфотографироваться с нами или просто взять автограф. Это не похоже на Великобританию, где нас воспринимают, как нечто обыденное».

«Я был вне себя от радости, увидев, уровень организации турнира в Москве. За кулисами также все было великолепно, в России отличные организаторы и турнир функционировал, как часы».

«Гостеприимство было на невероятном уровне. Кроме вина и еды мы насладились поездкой на Красную Площадь, увидели Кремль, где состоится Гранд-Финал. Так же, как и все игроки, с нетерпением жду возвращения сюда в марте».



JOHN HIGGINS has revealed he was blown away by the success of Moscow.
Back home in Scotland this week after putting Ding Junhui to the sword following a superbly-executed 5-0 win in the fourth leg of the FSTC Sports Management World Series of Snooker , Higgins admitted he did not quite know what to expect when the idea of playing in the Russian Capital was first mooted.
But he does now and as far as Higgins is concerned - RUSSIA ROCKS.
Higgins, architect of the World Series , along  with Pat Mooney, chief executive of FSTC Sports Management, is understandably proud of what the duo have achieved, taking snooker to mainland Europe.
He was joined in Moscow by fellow star pros Mark Selby and Dinghui - unfortunately Graeme Dott had to stay behind to be beside his pregnant wife Elaine - and left singing the praises of the first top tournament to be staged over there.
It's fair to say the competition in the Krilya Sovetov sports arena, which is renowned for hosting boxing events, was a knockout.
And while Junhui might have felt he had been smacked on the nose by an in-form Higgins, there was  really no losers in the latest leg of the tournament, following hot on the heels of earlier success stories in Warsaw and Berlin.
Higgins said : "I'm delighted I won but the real winner was the game of snooker.
"Pat and I have worked long and hard to put this all together and while the crowds in the first leg in Jersey were poor, Warsaw, Berlin and Moscow  attracted thousands of supporters.
"You never know what is going to happen and Pat and I both had an element of uncertainty as to how many would turn up in Moscow.
"But the fans turned up in their numbers and we had 1000 inside the arena for the final which was a bit special.
 "What I really liked was how appreciative they were of being able to watch some of the world's best players in action.
 "When they came up and asked for a photograph or an autograph you could see how excited they were.
 "It's not quite the same in the UK when sometimes the fans take you a bit for granted.
"Overall, I was chuffed to bits at how well everyone was treated in Moscow.
"The behind the scenes work was excellent, the Russian organisers were superb and as a result the tournament ran like clockwork.
 "That's all you can ask for and for me to win the event was the icing on the cake.
 "And when the boys were not at the snooker table, the hospitality was unbelievable.
" Apart from being wined the dined we also enjoyed a day out in Red Square and saw the Kremlin where the grand final will be held in March.
 "I cannot wait to get back and all the players feel the same."

By John Docherty
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